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Team Building

The Makery is a unique option for a playful team that wants to enjoy some good hearted fun, while strengthening their team bond. Below are some of the offerings that your team can enjoy within our space. We are always open to any other ideas you might have and will continue to add to this list as we come up with fun ideas!

Contact us today to create a fun event for your next team building day!

Glow Paintings

Description: Participants use a variety of neon coloured paints to create individual or collaborative artworks. This activity takes place in our Light Lab, where the creations come to life under black lights, showcasing vibrant artworks. For a little extra fun - add a splash of neon to your face!

Objective: Encourage creativity and free expression, fostering a relaxed atmosphere that promotes open communication and teamwork.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 12.10.25 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 12.11.50 PM.png

Paint Your Partner

Description: In pairs, participants take turns painting a portrait of their work partner, not necessarily focusing on accuracy but on the creative process. This activity comes along with a lot of laughter! 

Objective: Build trust and understanding between team members, enhancing their ability to appreciate diverse perspectives.

Paint Pouring

Description: A fun, messy, and creative activity where participants pour acrylic paints onto canvases to create abstract art without brushes. Techniques like swirling, layering, and tilting are used to achieve unique patterns.

Objective: Promote creativity, experimentation, and the idea that there are many paths to a successful outcome, mirroring the dynamics of effective teamwork

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 12.19.21 PM.png

Magnet Tile Building Challenge

Description: Teams use magnet tiles to build structures after being assigned a certain design theme and must work together to come up with something that represents the theme within a certain time frame.

Objective: Enhance problem-solving skills, encourage strategic thinking, and foster collaboration under constraints.

magnet tile airplane
magnet tile whale
magnet tile star wars

Drama Bag Improv

Description: Teams are given a bag of random objects with which they must create and perform a short skit. This improvisational activity encourages quick thinking and creativity, with a focus on humorous and light-hearted performances.


Objective: Develop communication skills, adaptability, and teamwork in a fun, stress-free environment.

Blind Retriever

Description: In this team-building exercise, one team member is blindfolded and must navigate to collect specific items from around the room, relying solely on verbal instructions from their teammates. The challenge emphasizes precision in communication and trust, as the "retriever" depends entirely on the guidance provided by their team to locate and collect items without visual cues.

Objective: This activity aims to strengthen trust among team members, enhance verbal communication skills, and highlight the importance of clear, concise instructions. It's a powerful exercise in understanding the value of guidance and the trust we place in those who lead us, mirroring workplace dynamics where clear communication and trust are essential for success.

Matched Pairs


Description: Participants have pictures or symbols attached to their backs, and they must find their matching pair among the group. The catch is they can only ask yes or no questions to find out what's on their back, and they can only ask the same person two questions before moving on to another teammate. This encourages participants to engage with everyone in the group, using strategic questioning and listening carefully to the answers provided.

Objective: The goal of this activity is to foster interpersonal communication and encourage participants to interact with those they may not usually work closely with, promoting a more cohesive team environment. It also sharpens problem-solving and strategic thinking skills as participants must deduce what picture they have based on the answers they receive.

Elastic Cup Stacking

Description: Teams use elastic bands tied together with strings to lift and stack cups into a pyramid without touching the cups directly. This requires coordination and communication to successfully build the structure.

Objective: Improve team coordination and strategic planning, demonstrating how individual roles contribute to a common goal.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 12.13.38 PM.png

Slime Making

Description: A hands-on, messy, and fun activity where teams create their own slime, experimenting with colors, textures, and mix-ins. This can be turned into a competition for the most creative or thematic slime.


Objective: Encourage creativity, experimentation, and playful competition, while also providing a stress-relieving tactile experience.


Word of the Year Activity and Painting


Description: Participants reflect on a word that represents their goal or focus for the year and create a painted canvas that visually represents this word. This can be done individually or as a team to define a collective vision.


Objective: Foster introspection, goal setting, and a sense of personal and team identity through creative expression.


Human Hungry Hungry Hippos


Description: Inspired by the classic game, participants on scooters use baskets to collect balls from the centre of the room, working with partners to gather as many as possible. 


Objective: Promote teamwork, strategy, and physical activity in a hilariously engaging way, emphasizing cooperation and competitive spirit.

*This is not my video, but gives you an idea

Character Strength Identification and Discussion


Description: Through guided activities and discussions, team members identify and share their individual character strengths and discuss how these can be utilized within the team for greater synergy and effectiveness.


Objective: Enhance self-awareness and appreciation of diversity within the team, leading to improved communication and collaboration.

Collaborative Team Murals


Description: In this creative and unifying team-building activity, groups work together to create large-scale murals. Each group is given a canvas, along with paints and various art paint tools. The challenge is to design and execute a mural piece that not only stands out on its own but also seamlessly integrates with the adjoining sections created by other teams. To ensure cohesion, teams must communicate their ideas and plans with each other, deciding on a unifying theme, color scheme, or narrative that ties the entire mural together. This activity can be adapted to reflect company values, a vision for the future, or abstract concepts like teamwork and innovation.

Objective: The main goals are to enhance communication, foster creativity, and strengthen collaboration across different groups. By working on a shared project, participants learn the importance of sharing ideas, giving and receiving feedback, and working towards a common goal. This activity serves as a metaphor for workplace projects where different departments or teams must work together to achieve success. Additionally, the completed mural serves as a lasting testament to what can be accomplished through teamwork, often displayed in the workplace as a constant reminder of the team's creative potential and collective effort.

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