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Field Trips

Mobile Field Trips (we come to you)

We bring everything to you so that you don;t have to worry about busing and logistics!


  • Minimum fee of 20 children

  • Mix and match sessions

  • Maximum of 25 children at a time (can break into smaller groups and run multiple sessions)

  • Best to book at least one month in advance

  • Approved EPSB vendor

  • We can accommodate PD days and school breaks, as well as regular school days

  • Options include Slime Lab, Glow Lab (needs a dark room), Art & Sensory Adventure (needs access to a sink) or Yoga & Music (for children).

Field Trips to The Makery


Engaging and interactive, our field trips provide a wealth of learning opportunities. Delve into a world of discovery as your group explores our thoughtfully designed spaces, fostering creativity and critical thinking. While weekdays are perfect for field trips, we're open to accommodating evening or weekend events upon request.


  • Minimum 15 children (less can come, but the minimum group booking fee would apply)

  • Adults are included in the field trip cost

  • Choose between 1.5 or 2 hour sessions

  • Maximum of 50 children at a time (with a bit of flexibility if you need a few more)

  • Best to book at least one month in advance, but please book at least two weeks in advance minimum

  • Approved EPSB vendor

  • Please note that our 3D printers and slime making are not part of field trips

  • We do not offer field trips on Elk Island or Edmonton Public PD days, school breaks or during the summer months as we are running camps on these days


Ready to embark on an enriching journey? Complete the form below to request your trip, and we'll be in touch with pricing details. 

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