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A super adorable plush doll with detachable speakers for new moms to use during prenatal.


Features include voice recording, music play, and breathing night lights.


Duality Function: musical prenatal education and soothing toy when baby is born for reminiscence.


5 beautiful and soothing music and 5 nature sounds that create peaceful environment for baby.


Breathing lights will soothe baby during bedtime.


120s recording function can record mom’s voice to comfort baby.


Auto sleep mode feature with no extra operation after a minute.


The emotional connections will begin to link between baby and parent from the fetus period, with additional recording function as a bonus.


When baby is born, music from speaker will encourage baby to reminisce and remember his/her time being inside mommy.


Accompanying baby especially during bedtime provides a sense of security.

My Music Pal - Huggy Bobo

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