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Slime Lab (5+)




45 mins

About the Course

Get ready to squish, stretch, and create during Slime Lab! Perfect for young scientists and artists aged 5 years old and up. This drop-in class offers a rotating selection of slimes to make each week. From fluffy cloud slime to sparkling galaxy slimes, we'll explore the fascinating world of polymers while nurturing creativity and curiosity. Whether you're a slime aficionado or a first-timer, Slime Lab promises oodles of gooey fun and hands-on learning.

Slime making includes:

- 45 mins of studio time

- all ingredients to make the featured slime of the week (scroll down for schedule)

- high quality jar with lid

- decor for jar

Save by buying a multi class Slime Lab package.

If your child often reacts to things on their skin, this may not be a suitable option for them as we are using various items with different chemicals, scent, etc.

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