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Calling all parents and their precious little explorers! Step into a world of wonder and delight with our specially designed program for babies aged 6 to 18 months. Prepare for a sensory extravaganza that will ignite your child's curiosity and create unforgettable moments of joy for both of you.


Immerse yourselves in a captivating array of sensory experiences carefully crafted with love. Watch as your little one's eyes light up with fascination as they encounter mesmerizing lights, glowing wonders, and the magic of parachutes. Together, you'll embark on a journey of discovery through paint, sensory bins, water play, dance, instruments, and a whole host of other delightful adventures.


Our program recognizes that sensory stimulation is a vital part of your baby's development and exploration of the world. It's not just about fun; it's about creating a nurturing environment that encourages growth and discovery. In addition to the sensory delights, our program provides a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with fellow parents in the community, fostering friendships and support as you embark on this beautiful parenting journey.


Join us at The Makery and experience the joy of bonding with your little one in a world filled with sensory wonders. Come and create treasured memories, nurture your baby's development, and be part of a warm and welcoming community. Let the sensory adventure begin!


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