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Pet Adoption Event (ages 2+)




2 hours

About the Course

If your child is a fan of animals, pretend play, and all things cuddly, get ready for this fun event that will leave lasting memories. Families will first have access to three of our exploration labs (not mess lab as pets will be set up in there prior to event), followed by a one hour pet adoption experience.

This includes:

-The choice of one stuffed pet from an adorable variety of options

-Crafting a personalized collar for your newfound furry friend using delightful beads and charms

-Decorate a cardboard pet carrier, making it a cozy haven for your beloved pet

-An adoption certificate, marking the official union between your child and their cherished stuffed companion

-A pretend vet check-up checklist, adding an extra touch of realism and fun to the pretend play experience

- String leash with clasp to take the pet for walks

- A short pet training session in our Move Lab

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